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File Transfer Service

No maximum total upload size | Up-to 64 MB 1 per file | Split archives are allowed!



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  • Avoid the limitations of email services Inbox sizes
  • Upload multiple files
  • Track the download status of your files
  • Set download expiry dates
  • Limit the numbers of downloads
  • Send files securely over SSL channel
  • Send files to multiple destinations via individually customised links  

Who is allowed to use it?

  1. All Lunenfeld Users with SLRI_LAN1 network accounts;
  2. All Mount Sinai Hospital Network Users with valid email addresses — if not already registered for access to this utility, they may request access to it from the Lunenfeld Database Administration;
  3. * Anyone collaborating with Lunenfeld Investigators or Administration may also be set up for access — the access requests must come from one of Lunenfeld Investigators or Administrative Heads on behalf of such applicants.
  4. * Regular users described above may also set up upload links for use by their collaboratos.

* Note that external users trying to upload files into this service may experience long upload times, esp. when sizes of their files creep close to the maximum size allowed.  The upload band is usually narrower on most ISP service which results in slower upload speeds when compared to the download speeds.  This is not something that we can control.


Are there any limitations?

  • No maximum total upload size — Unlimited number of files;
  • In self-serve mode the maximum individual file size is 64 MB 1 (this is the limit per individual file — there is practically no limit of the total number of files);  
  • In a DBA-assisted mode the maximum file size depends only on the amount of storage space;
  • You may upload multiple chunks of under 64 MB-each (that is exactly 64 MB 1 of storage alocation on disk). — Many compression utilities feature splitting of archives; example: (Note that the mention of this utility or any other software as an example should not be understood as constituting an endorsment.) 
  • Default amount of time files are kept in the transfer area is seven days;
  • Types of files allowed in self-serve mode may be limited — currently allowed types are listed on screen by the upload utility at the time of upload;  the range is limited to prevent inadvertent abuse;
    • The range of allowed file types is not "etched in stone" and may be extended to accommodate specific needs — contact the Lunenfeld Database Administration
    • File owners may create unlimited number of custom download links per file;
    • A script is running automatically to determine which files are due for deletion — that script takes under consideration the status of distribution links that the users have created and keep active in their accounts.


Special features

  • File owners can create multiple custom download links per each file for distribution to each recipient individually or a single link for use by multiple users;
  • Distribution links can be generated in couple of formats, an email-friendly format and in HTML code for inclusion in a Webpage;
  • The downloading history can be monitored by file owners;
  • Whenever necessary, file owners may replace files already in the transfer area;
  • If so desired, file owners can delete files at any time prior to scheduled disposal effectively stopping all subsequent download attempts.


► Instructions for the File Transfer Service


Training Sessions

Whenever there is a sufficiently large group of interested users, we arrange training sessions for editors of Web content (such as your lab WebPages, Calendar entries - primarily seminar advertisements, etc.) using our CMS.
During those sessions we also cover the File Transfer Service and other related subjects that participants indicate as interesting to them.

These sessions are available to interested network users of the Lunenfeld, the Hospital, and the TCP, as well as to users closely working with either one of these entities.

Please complete the form provided on this page to indicate interest — just add you name and email address so we can contact you. We will notify you when the next session will be scheduled.



1 64 MB = 67,108,864 bytes (in case of a plain-text file the maximum size of content may reach 67,108,861 bytes)

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