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User Credentials - PIN Numbers

PIN is rarely used for granting access however there are some legitimate uses for it.

If a page or a Website grants access to certain content with the use of a PIN, it must be entered exactly as issued (it is case-sensitive), within time-period specified by the issuer; and often it is programmed for a limited number of uses (the issuer may also cancel existing PIN before those expire).

Once expired or all the allotted uses are used up (whichever comes first), the PIN can not be reset; the issuer at his or her discretion may give you another one, if that is necessary.

When you enter a valid PIN, do not expect to see any acknowledgement of this action or any other kind of fanfare.  The specific content that this PIN protects will simply become available; so just download it.

Unless advised otherwise, expect the PIN session to expire within 20 minutes since your last interaction with its Website or immediately, if you close all instances of the browser software you used during that interaction.

To log out from the session enter the word "BYE" as the PIN.


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