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Standard Colours


This page is supposed to be used as a simple lookup source rather than a kind of a definitive source of standards substituting for the official guides.  Always refer to the official standards guide issued by the Communications and Marketing Department of Mount Sinai Hospital for up-to-date information.


Colours "By the book":

Note that there may be variations in the appearances of colours between printed matter, on-screen, and even between colours rendered by different on-screen applications. This is not something that you can easily control. Minor differences in rendition algorithms between applications, even minor adjustments in brightness of displays, and in calibration of display or calibration of printed output are responsible for such discrepancies.

The first colour name in each group is the definitive choice — the numeric values below it are best approximations when the exact named colour choices are not available in the software you are using.

Equivalent HTML colour codes: 

Note the "Web safe" references. — The Web browsers are no longer this limited; do not hesitate using the colours defined in the Guide.

Note that some of the Hospital-recommended numeric substitute values for the Pantone Matching System (PMS) colours vary from those shown in the PMS. (While one wonders how these were arrived at) they are approximate enough for on-screen display purposes.

White — primary background colour



 #ffffff; or rgb(255,255,255);  

Black — primary text colour



 #000000; or rgb(0,0,0);  

Pantone: PMS 541
Pantone solid to process 541
CMYK: 100,57,0,38
RGB (Dec): 7,43,97
RGB (Dec): 0,70,127
RGB (Hex): #00467f
Greyscale: K100


 #00467f; or rgb(0,70,127);  
 "web safe": #003366;  

Pantone: PMS 542
Pantone solid to process 542
CMYK: 62,22,0,3
RGB (Dec): 96,149,193
RGB (Dec): 86,159,211
RGB (Hex): #569fd3
Greyscale: K60


 #569fd3; or rgb(86,159,211);   
 "web safe": #6699cc;  

Pantone: PMS 543
Pantone solid to process 542 (only a guess because while it should come from the same palette, none of the numeric values in the branding guide match)
CMYK: 38,13,0,2
CMYK: 41,11,0,0
RGB (Dec): 157,187,215
RGB (Dec): 143,195,234
RGB (Hex): #8fc3ea
Greyscale: K40


 #8fc3ea; or rgb(143,195,234);   
 "web safe": #99ccff;  

Pantone: PMS 185
CMYK: 0,92,76,0
RGB (Dec): 224,0,52
RGB (Hex): e00034
Greyscale: —


 #e00034; or rgb(224,0,52);   
 "web safe": #cc0033;  

Pantone: PMS 716
CMYK: 0,55,90,0
RGB (Dec): 236,122,8
RGB (Hex): ec7a08
Greyscale: —


 #ec7a08; or rgb(236,122,8);   
 "web safe": #ff9900;  

Pantone: PMS 135
CMYK: 0,21,74,0
RGB (Dec): 255,187,80
RGB (Hex): ffbb50
Greyscale: —


 #ffbb50; or rgb(255,187,80);   
 "web safe": #ffcc66;  

Pantone: PMS 382
CMYK: 28,0,92,0
RGB (Dec): 190,214,0
RGB (Hex): bed600
Greyscale: —


 #bed600; or rgb(190,214,0);   
 "web safe": #99cc00;  


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